Classtek Pty Ltd is a Sydney based company that offers full electronic turnkey solutions.

No project is too small or too big.
No customer is too small or too big.

We provide the resources to outsource your manufacturing at the quality you expect.

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver product in the timeframe required while still meeting cost constraints.

We consider your product as our product and consider our relationship as a win-win relationship. We deliver as promised, you make the sales and the cycle starts again.

Traditionally, China has been at the forefront for mass production but it has usually led to poor quality and IP issues. We can take your product and enforce strict quality and IP protection and we can also provide the strategy of diversifying the manufacturing to ensure your needs are met.

Classtek has partners that can help your business in electronic circuit design, industrial engineering and production test.

Classtek considers itself as an extension to your business, keeping your needs in mind and helping to manage your cash flow.