Electronic Turnkey Solutions

  • We provide a full turnkey solution.

  • Starting from your circuit design, we can have it reviewed to ensure it meets design for manufacture guidelines.

  • We have several PCB fabrication partners that can turn around boards in 5 days and stencils in 3 days and can cater for prototype or full production runs.

  • You have full flexibility in choosing how the kit of parts are supplied. We can either source the parts for you or you can supply the kit.

  • Our partnership with local manufacturing services means your PCB assembly can be prioritised and scheduled for fast turnaround.

  • Plastic molding, sheet metal, keypads, cable assemblies and other custom parts can all be designed and sourced.

  • We can provide the resources necessary for final assembly and test. Thermal testing chambers are available for burn-in test and extreme temperature testing.

Electronic Design Services

  • We can provide assistance with schematic, PCB and BOM reviews.

  • We have electronic design partners available to turn your requirements into a product.

  • Our goal is to achieve 100% yield and to achieve this, we provide Design For Manufacture guidelines.

  • Product Lifecycle Management is the key to the future. We work closely with clients to ensure maximum profits for today's product whilst preparing for the next generation product.

PCB Assembly

  • We have a strong partnership with local manufacturing services. The partnership allows us to prioritise our projects as soon as the full PCB assembly kit has been received.

Production Test

  • We can provide production test design services.

  • Taking the next step in quality assurance, we can design the test jigs and test software for comprehensive testing of your design.

  • JTAG boundary scan testing can find short/open circuits, check interconnectivity between IC's, program eeprom's and flash memory. This type of testing is extremely useful for large BGA designs where traditional inspection techniques cannot check.

  • Cable testing, optical/rf and thermal testing are all available.